As part of our #MeetTheFinalSix campaign for the The Underdog: Grand Final, we caught up with Imprints to see what they’ve been up to…

★ So, tell us about the band…

It all started back at University in 2011 with Andy and Vince busking on the streets of Falmouth. They then progressed to playing smaller then larger gigs around the South West – and Imprints was born! They joined forces with friends Jon (bass) and Matt (drums) to record their first EP “Oncoming Tide” released in June 2014. At the end of university decisions had to be made and Vince & Andy took the plunge and moved up to Bristol. Joined here by new band members, but long-time friends, Tom Bangham on the bass, Tom Cornwall on the drums and Annie on vocals we’ve gone from strength to strength with a second EP release in spring 2016 and a full festival season now behind us!

★ Can you describe your sound / music to the average music listener?

We tended to go with a “folk-rock” description until we played a gig in Dorset earlier this year where Kev from Fuelled by Cider labelled us on the poster as a “folk-shanty-rock explosion” and we think that fits us quite well! We would say we’re folk-rock with an energetic, knees-up, violin fuelled, boot up its derriere! Get ready to jig!

★ Tell us how you chose your band name?

Vince + Andy + cider + Falmouth + one of those days!

★ What has been the highlight of the competition so far?

The audience – they’ve been fantastically supportive and not just to the band they came to see, but to all other acts on the bill as well. Other bands as well have made an effort to support each other and the whole atmosphere has been very positive. There’s been a huge level of respect there which has been great to see.

★ Have you discovered any new bands via the Underdog that you feel worthy of a mention?

We met Tea & Biscuits at our first heat and loved them!  They’re talented, quirky and wonderful. We’re even organising an Oxjam gig with them this November at Mr Wolfs in Bristol so we will be reunited again! We also loved The Sombrero Society, for band members so young they were exceptionally talented and a band to watch for the future!

★ What can we expect from your performance at the final?

Energy, fun, knees-up action! Get ready to dance, sweat, jig and sing!

★ What will you spend the £1,000 if you win the top prize?

We want to say fancy rock and roll things like gold plated violin bows and wild parties, but in reality it’ll be an MOT for our band van “Pam”, getting new merchandise sorted, starting to record our album and possibly some new boots for Vince!

★ What made you sign up for The Underdog this year?

The opportunity to get involved with and play with new bands was one of the main reasons. The Underdog also had fantastic reviews from 2015 from not just the bands that won, but even those that went out in the first heat. It looked professional and ran by people who really cared about the local music scene.

★ You’re the first band in the history of the Underdog to get a perfect judge’s score in the heats – how does that feel?

Pretty surreal and certainly unexpected! We’re always quite self-critical and somewhat perfectionists so it was a shock, but a good shock!

★ You’ve had a busy summer – what have you been up to?

A lot of festivals! We’ve played large and small stages but have been blown away by the reception we’ve received. Getting people who’ve never heard of us before up, dancing, excited and having a great time has been brilliant. We’ve written new songs, released our EP “Pirates & Thieves” and made a lot of new friends.

★ Finally, where can bands hear your music / find out more information about you?

Our website ( has links to our music on Spotify, iTunes and BandCamp; you can also order our EPs directly from here as well. We’re also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as /imprintsuk


Catch Imprints at the Grand Final of the Underdog on Saturday 03rd September, at o2 Academy.


Words / Edit: Jon Spencer | Images courtesy of: Rob Marsden.

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