As part of our #MeetTheFinalSix campaign for the The Underdog: Grand Final, we caught up with We Merry Kings to see what they’ve been up to…

★ So, tell us about the band…

We’re like the musical teenage mutant heroes, but we’re not turtles, or ninjas. We’re not teenagers either. Basically we eat a lot of pizza.

★ Can you describe your sound / music to the average music listener?

It’s about as poetic as indie rock gets. We’ve gotten a bit louder recently, but I’d still say we were hovering somewhere between indie and pop rock.

★ Tell us how you chose your band name?

It’s a butchering of a quote from Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’. It was originally “We Happy Few”, but ‘happy few’ was a bit too positive and not quite royal enough.

★ What has been the highlight of the competition so far?

Just getting back into the loop, gig-wise. Meeting new people – fans, musicians, promoters, photographers. Sharing our music and playing new venues, and getting to discover new bands and make new friends.

★ Have you discovered any new bands via the Underdog that you feel worthy of a mention?

The Out Crowd played our heat as a guest band. They’ve played three shows at the Thunderbolt for the competition which is pretty impressive, and on top of that they give me a ‘Royal Blood’ sort of a vibe, but a bit more banter. Imprints were an absolute joy to see perform, and I wasn’t shocked at all they won our semi-final. I’ve been listening to their E.P ‘Pirates and Thieves’ on repeat in my work van all week.

★ What can we expect from your performance at the final?

Bright lights. Loud music. Maybe a knee-slide. 

★ What will you spend the £1,000 if you win the top prize?

Lottery tickets.

★ What made you sign up for The Underdog this year?

I thought it would be a good way to ease us back into gigging. We had Olli take over on drums in April and we’d been pretty quiet just jamming and learning songs. Thrusting us into a £1,000 competition seemed like a good incentive to tighten all the loose screws and lock down a solid set… and it’s worked! After these two shows I’m massively confident in our line-up, set and general chemistry of the band.

★ You’ve had a recent line-up change and you’ve only done a few shows since – how many has it been? How does it feel to be taking the stage at the academy with such a new band?

It seems a little insane to be playing the O2 after five months of practising with this particular line-up, but Sam, Kwai and Olli are super talented musicians. Individually we’ve been in dozens of bands, and played all over the country, so I see this show as a reward for combined decades of practising, gigging and grafting.

★  Finally, where can people find out more information about you?

We’ll be throwing a new song on our Facebook next week to coincide with the O2 show, it’s a killer little track called “XYZ” that we’ve played at both shows. On top of that you can check out our YouTube page, which has a music video for our song “Wishes” as well as a few acoustic tracks.


Catch We Merry Kings at the Grand Final of the Underdog on Saturday 03rd September, at o2 Academy.


Words / Edit: Jon Spencer | Images courtesy of: Rob Marsden.

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