As part of our #MeetTheFinalSix campaign for the The Underdog: Grand Final, we caught up with Dusted Out to see what they’ve been up to…

★ So, tell us about the band…

We are five guys with vast differences when it comes to music but when you put us together we create the riffy rock that is Dusted Out. We started in September 2015 and we’ve been pushing to make a name for ourselves ever since. We want to show to everyone that it’s okay to not sound like every other band and to be perfectionists when it comes to your own work.

★ Can you describe your sound / music to the average music listener?

To the average listener I would say that our music is a good mix of bluesy classic rock with a modern hard rock/metal twist. This creates a unique sound which utilizes the emotion behind blues and the aggression with metal to put us in between the two genres for an interesting listen.   

★ Tell us how you chose your band name?

When the band was in it infancy the songs were a lot more blues focused. This made James think of the US Great Depression of the 1930’s – as that was the music for the time. Whilst researching the Great Depression he came across an article about how people had to abandon their farm lands in America due to the dust bowl which made them not be able to grow crops. While reading, he came across a common saying of how people were “Dusted Out” and that really stood out to him. We decided to make it the band name as it fits for the sound we have.  

★ What has been the highlight of the competition so far?

So far our highlight of the whole competition has been making it through to the final at the o2! The intense competition from all the other bands has been so tough so we’ve had to give it our all when we were performing. Playing the o2 is a dream come true for us. 

★ Have you discovered any new bands via the Underdog that you feel worthy of a mention?

We feel that we need to give a MASSIVE shout out to one of the bands that was in our heat and that is the brilliant Everyday Heroes. Those guys were hands down one of the best bands we have seen live, they had such control of the stage and with the crowd. What makes these guys even better is the fact they are all really nice guys!

★ What can we expect from your performance at the final?

Firstly, you can expect to hear our brand new song which has not been played live yet as we promised ourselves to only play it if we got to the final. Secondly, we have torn apart all our songs and figured out which songs work the best to give our best performance. Finally, a lot of sweat and movement. 

★ What will you spend the £1,000 if you win the top prize?

The first thing we are going to get ourselves a round of drinks at the Hatchet to celebrate! After that we are going to use the money to create our EP, photo shoot and if there is enough change we want to get a music video up together for one of the tracks.

★ What made you sign up for The Underdog this year?

Two things. First there was a lot of peer pressure from Andy Squibs the frontman for Myst [The Underdog: 2015 Winners] who has a lot of faith in us which made us strive to do it. Secondly, we wanted something big to work towards, plus £1,000 is a nice amount of money to put towards the band.  

★ You were at Access to Music with last year’s winners ‘Myst’ – have they been helping you out with advice for this year’s competition?

Andy (Myst) has worked with James closely to push him to the best of his ability as a singer and a performer. Andy also has a really good ear for music and would listen to songs that were in the works and would give us some pointers to create a better song. 

★ You’re currently working on your debut EP – can you tell us anything about it?

At the moment we are in pre-production stages – we have created some demos, but we’re thinking of adding one or two new songs onto the EP. We already have a studio in mind that we are going to go to to make the final product, but we are just making sure that all of the songs are 100% studio ready. We’re expecting to have it out early 2017

★ Finally, where can bands hear your music / find out more information about you?

 You can keep up to date on what we are doing on our Facebook: www.facebook.com/DustedOut.


Catch Dusted Out at the Grand Final of the Underdog on Saturday 03rd September, at o2 Academy.


Words / Edit: Jon Spencer | Images courtesy of: Rob Marsden.

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