As part of our #MeetTheFinalSix campaign for the The Underdog: Grand Final, we caught up with Drogo to see what they’ve been up to…

★ So, tell us about the band

We’re four guys from the Malmesbury area who have been really good mates for a long time. We got together originally by chance – the bassist recruited us all individually for a spontaneous ‘battle of the bands’ contest. We won, and decided to make something of it by writing our own material! We’ve been doing our own thing for around two years now, and in that time we’ve released an EP and broken out of Malmesbury to play shows in Bristol and London, as well as local festivals and a couple of charity gigs.

★ Can you tell us how you chose your band name? Is it a ‘Game of Thrones’ reference?

Well we won’t pretend we know what everyone guesses, and they’re not wrong; we were toying with a number of ideas for a while and wanted to come up with a punchy name that the whole band could relate to. We’re all big fans of Game of Thrones and the Khal’s surname seemed to do the trick!

★ Can you describe your music to the average music listener?

We’re described as playing a “high energy, riff laden rock sound with hard hitting melodic vocals”. Due to the versatility of our sound and our post-rock influences, we’ve also been categorised as ‘Melodic Hard Rock’. To put that into perspective, we’ve been compared to the likes of classics such as Audioslave and Metallica, as well as modern successes like Royal Blood.

★ What has been the highlight of the competition so far?

That’s difficult to say. Winning our heat, and the first heat of the competition, was an awesome feeling. But getting to play the O2 Academy – a massive dream come true for all of us – through a massive social media effort and sheer determination did it for us.

★ Have you discovered any new bands via the Underdog that you feel worthy of a mention?

We’ve come across some really tough competition in the Underdog, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of diversity too. Seeing the sheer quality and talent of White Noise Radio was inspirational for us, but also a lot of the bands in this year’s competition, like From Idols to Ashes and Stone Cold Fiction to name just a few, are definitely worth a mention.

★ What can we expect from your performance at the final?

As cliché as it sounds, we’re going to give it our absolute all and leave nothing on stage. We tend to be very animated on stage as it is, so playing such an awesome venue with a massive crowd will just spur us on more.

★ What will you spend the £1,000 if you win the top prize?

We really don’t want to take anything for granted or get complacent, but there’ve been murmurs of getting some top quality recording time…

★ What made you sign up for The Underdog this year?

It was a fantastic opportunity we couldn’t let pass by. Especially as we’re not from Bristol, it was an ideal chance to showcase our material and secure gigs in the local area.

★ You’re are only finalist who’s not from Bristol – how does that feel?

I think it fits nicely with the title of the competition – we’re the Underdog, and that it makes it all the more exciting for us.

★ Have you played much in Bristol before? Did you struggle to get shows here?

We played a few shows in Bristol before the Underdog actually – we’ve been lucky enough to play the Fleece and the Louisiana several times, as well as Exchange recently.

★ Finally, where can people hear your music or find out more about you?

We’re everywhere guys, you can’t miss us. Best place to start is our website: www.drogoband.co.uk, as well as soundcloud.com/drogoband, Spotify and our Facebook page of course.


Catch Drogo at the Grand Final of the Underdog on Saturday 03rd September, at o2 Academy.


Words / Edit: Jon Spencer | Images courtesy of: Rob Marsden.

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